A new tool to better manage the battery life of your Phase

In this first post of many, we wanted to discuss today’s new feature announcement, and give insights into our development process here at MWM. 

A month ago, we released our first Phase Firmware update, an important stage in the life of our product. 
One of the major improvements was the total rework of our radio communication system between the Phase Receiver and the Remotes. 
This rework included new algorithms to automatically allow Phase to choose the best radio frequency available in order to provide better stability in all situations. 

Since all the environments are different, we decided to develop a new tool to allow you to manage your own Phase radio settings according to your preferences.

How does it work?

The Battery saving tool allows you, Phase users to manage and optimize the battery consumption of the Remotes according to your performance’s conditions. 
In the “Battery saving” tab, a slider allows you to set your own balance between the strength of the radio signal and the battery life saving of your Remotes. 

You will then be able to choose between: 

  • Moving the slider to the right to increase the radio signal and improve the stability of the wireless communication;
  • Moving the slider to the left to decrease the radio signal and save battery life.

The “Analyze” feature will help you to figure out where you should place the slider. 
It will analyze the environment you are currently in and provide a “Radio score”. 
This score indicates the quality of the environment in terms of wireless and high-frequency signals and will help you set the position of the slider.

A high score suggests that your radio environment is good and that you can reduce the radio power emission to save more battery. 
A low score suggests a noisy radio environment, in this case, you should try to optimize your environment to improve the conditions of communication between your Phase Receiver and the Remotes. 

Please note that the slider is set by default on the highest value of the radio signal.

How to install it? 

The feature is available in Beta in the latest Phase Manager version what will allow us to keep on improving it. 
To unlock the feature, simply download it on our official website here.  
Once installed, you can use the feature which is located under the new “Battery saving” tab.
Make sure that your Phase is up to date with the Firmware version 2 before testing the features. 

This first feature is the first of many more to come. 
Working along the community’s side is what we have always done, and this approach is at the core of what we want to keep doing.

For more questions and information please don’t hesitate to contact our Help Center here.
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Phase Team.

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10 thoughts on “A new tool to better manage the battery life of your Phase

  1. Dallas Wade Reply

    So I have been using a direct power source to plug the receiver in. Using this new update does that mean I need to plug the receiver into my USB hub?

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hi Dallas – We’re sorry for the extremely late reply to this. In regards to your question, you can still plug into a direct power source, but to update your Phase with the current firmware updates, you will need to plug your receiver into your computer.

      To make sure your update please visit: https://mwm-store.com/configuration

      Thanks for contacting us!

  2. Dwayne Reply

    mine updated without me doing anything. i plugged them in and it was there already… So are we supposed to use these plugged into the Laptop at a gig or Not. When i check my battery saver its always reset to Zero.

  3. Jorge Munoz Reply

    as the new updates come along, do we delete the old MWM Connect icon from our desk top? example, when I 1st got Phase I had 1 MWM Connect icon on my desk top. when the Update came along, It made another MWM Connect icon on my desktop. so now I have 2 one says MWM Connect and the other says MWM Connect 2.

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hi Jorge – Apologies for the extremely late response but to answer your question, whenever a new Firmware update is available, we do ask that you delete the previous versions. Hope that helps!

  4. Dj Social Hazard Reply

    What gauge is the RCA Cables that come packaged with the Phase Essential Kit?

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hey! Our Phase RCA Cables are the standard stereo cables. If you’d like to plug in your own cables, Phase works with all RCA cable versions. Hope that helps!

  5. deejayklean Reply

    Hallo! Unfortunately i received my Phase 2 days ago . When I plugged in with my 5V charger recommended all i could see was magic smoke 😫 What should i do to get out of this ?

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hey there! This indeed sounds very strange… Could you please reach out to our product specialists with pictures and/or videos via this link: https://bit.ly/3bzh8sg, they’ll be able to help you out on this one!

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