What to expect with the new update: Phase Firmware 3?

We are happy to announce to you the official release of the third Firmware Update for Phase! 
This is the biggest update we have ever made and thanks to the feedback from social media, emails, and rigorous testing with our team and ambassadors we are now one step closer to the level of exigence we are aiming for.

Visit our website here to access the new Firmware update!

To understand what to expect with the Firmware Update 3, we have listed and detailed the fixes addressed by this new Firmware in this article.

Resolution of the random switch to internal mode

This new fix will prevent the signal from randomly switching to internal mode.
We know this was one of the biggest issues you have experienced with Phase, and we are particularly thrilled and proud to be able to provide you with this solution! 

After updating your Phase with the Firmware 3, you can see a new fix in the “System” tab of MWM Connect (version 1.04.05).
The box is checked by default to allow to “Fix the Timecode detection issue”.
Your software should never switch to internal mode on its own anymore if this box is checked.

Resolution of the calibration issue

Thanks to your precious feedback, we have been able to quickly identify misbehavior in the calibration and linking system of your Phase lately. 

Depending on certain situations and environments, some of your Remotes couldn’t properly calibrate anymore due to surrounding vibrations. Therefore, we have implemented a fix in this Firmware that will help your Remotes to calibrate whatever the environment (loud clubs, spinning turntables, speakers, etc.) 

The Remotes will automatically calibrate within 15 seconds delay maximum. 

New USB driver to upgrade the communication system

Depending on the Mac OS version you’d be running on, some of you were experiencing recurrent bugs such as updating fails, disconnecting errors, etc.

Thereby, we have built a new USB driver to address the compatibility issues occurring with old Mac OS versions.

This driver will be effective once this 3rd version of the firmware is installed.

Rework of the updating process

We completely revamped the updating process in order to facilitate the updates of your Phase, which will then be more efficient and will fix the remaining issues on all platforms (devices, versions, etc.).

The new process will be effective once this 3rd version of the firmware is installed.

Resolution of minor software issues

In order to release the most complete update we could, we also focused on fixing issues that were occasionally appearing (issue detected pop-up, bad recognition of the product, etc.) but which were altering your experience with your Phase.

As we move forward with improvements, we want to remind everyone to please feel free to share their experiences and feedback with us!
Having a trusted community along with us every step of the way is the best solution to bring up fixes and move forward faster in the development of new features.
We truly appreciate!

Lastly, just as a reminder, please follow our tutorial below to make sure you are updating your Phase correctly:

14 thoughts on “What to expect with the new update: Phase Firmware 3?

  1. Neil Boyce Reply

    Still having cue point drifting with the Phase Firmware 3 update. Cue point on deck A drifting backward, cue point on deck B drifting forward.

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hi Neil – We apologize for the extremely late response. In regards to your question, we have resolved many issues within our newest Firmware update (Firmware 4). We are also close to releasing our 5th one which will vastly improve many of the issues you listed.

      To make sure your updated please visit: https://mwm-store.com/configuration

      Thanks for contacting us!

  2. Amreek Paul Reply

    Does Phase still have issues when randomly going in to some sort of sleep mode? I purchased phase many months back and I wasn’t able to ‘wake’ the remotes up hence I returned them. I had to to leave it for half an hour or so before it was up and running again.

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hey Rikk
      We apologize for the extremely late response and are happy to help. For technical issues we suggest for you to contact our Product Specialists at support@mwm-store.com. They can walk you through troubleshooting steps to resolve your issues.

      Thanks for contacting us!

  3. Dante Reply

    Those are great updates but what about battery life? Most of the gigs I do are 6 hours. My Phase are only lasting 5 hours max.

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hey Dante – We apologize for the extremely late response and are happy to answer your questions. Phase’s battery life can be affected by the environment they are performing in. We have made some improvements via our Firmware Updates to improve battery life. So checking that you are updated with the current Firmware would be a good first step.

      To make sure your updated please visit: https://mwm-store.com/configuration

      Thanks for contacting us!

  4. Funkshun Herrera Reply

    Which is the best os to run with this for mac? I updated mine but it still does everything the same.. nothing changed… also my mac came with dual drives.. can this be an issue?

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hey Funkshun –
      We apologize for the extremely late response. Phase works with the current running OS systems. To optimize your Phase to your system, please update to the latest firmware available here: http://mwm-store.com/configurations. The dual drives should not be an issue.

      At any rate, if you have any technical issues, please contact us at support@mwm-store.com!

  5. Ricardo sierra Reply

    I recently bought my dj phase. charge them the two hours you mention in the manual. the day I released them, only two hours had passed and they had already spent half of the load. So what I see is that they don’t last the 10 hours mentioned in the manual. I would like to know if that is normal, what advice do you give me to make the dj phase load last longer? thank you

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hey Ricardo – We apologize for the extremely late response and are happy to help. The best resolution is to make sure your Phase fully updated with the latest Firmware. You can do so by downloading it here: https://mwm-store.com/configuration This should solve many of the issues you are experiencing with battery life. Hope that helps!

  6. Kevin hicks Reply

    Mine wont work now at all it doesnt read it in the docking bay and I dont think it charging
    And I have a gig tonight and now idea how to fix this…

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hi Kevin:
      We apologize for the extremely late response and are happy to help with any technical issues via our Product Specialists. You can contact them directly at support@mwm-store.com

      Hope that helps!

    • Phase Team Reply

      Thank you for the words! If there’s anything you’d like to see us cover, feel free to share it with us. We’re open to new ideas. 🙂

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