Get to know Phase: LED Animations

In this new series, we want to guide you with more extensive detail on the different characteristics and functionalities of Phase. This will help you understand the product better and get familiar with its way of working whether you have acquired a unit already or are considering purchasing a Phase soon. In this first post, we want to show you the different animations of Phase’s LEDs, what they mean, and how to identify the correct behavior for each case to ensure Phase is working properly.

1. Power and connection

There are two small LEDs in the back of the Phase Receiver that are important to determine proper functioning. First, there is the lightning icon which indicates that the Receiver is correctly powered. Second, the connect icon, which lights up indicating the Phase Receiver is connected and communicating to a laptop.

2. Charging

When the Remotes are placed on the Phase Receiver, they automatically start charging if your Phase is connected to a computer or power outlet. The normal animation on the Remotes’ LED is an upwards movement (as if the Remotes are filling) and the LED dots on the Phase Receiver should be showing an inside-to-outside motion.

You will notice that the movement of the LEDs on both your Remotes and the Receiver’s dots will stop. They will continue to be still and lit. This means your Remotes are now fully charged. 

3. Linking your Remotes 

Two LED animations will indicate successfully completed steps while linking your Remotes. First, when long-pressing the setup buttons A or B to link with a Remote, the Remote’s LED will flash for a few seconds and will stop shortly after. If the color of the Remote’s LED strip and its respective setup button is the same, it means the Remote has been properly linked at it is connected and communicating with that specific deck. 

When you take the Remote out of the Phase Receiver, the setup button will turn white, and the Remote’s LED will maintain its color. This behavior is correct. 

4. Disconnected Remotes

If you disconnect a Remote by linking another one to the same deck of the Phase Receiver, the current linked Remote’s LED strip will start flashing red and will turn white. This means the Remote has been disconnected. A white LED color on any Remote indicates that said Remote is not linked to a Phase Receiver. 

5. Calibration

For proper calibration, the Remotes should be placed on a still and flat surface. The color on the LED strip will move up and down indicating the calibration is in process. This should last a few seconds (never more than 30 seconds) until the LED strip is filled up, which means the Remotes are ready to be used. 

6. Remaining battery

Paying attention to the LED dots on the Phase Receiver while performing is important since they display the battery percentage left on the corresponding Remote. The lower the battery, the fewer dots will be lit.

7. Pause mode

When pause mode is activated by pressing one of the setup buttons, both the LED strip on the Remote and the corresponding setup button will slightly flash.

Additionally, the LEDs “A” and/or “B” in the back of the Phase Receiver will flash as well when pause mode is enabled. This will inform you that the communication has been suspended with that specific deck. To disable pause mode, simply press the corresponding setup button again.

8. Low battery

When the battery of one Remote gets low, the bottom of the LED strip will start flashing and the color will turn red. Additionally, two LED dots on the Phase Receiver will start flashing too. This is a sign that your Remotes need to be charged. After the Remotes have displayed the low battery animation, you will have approximately 20 minutes before they turn off. If you need to fully discharge your Remotes, leave them out of the powered Phase Receiver until the LED turns off. This process can take up to 24 hours, even if the LED is off. 

9. Updating your Remotes

After you followed the updating process in Phase Manager, keep in mind that you need to take the Remotes out of the Phase Receiver and wait until the LEDs are completely still and filled. This animation might take a few seconds longer than others you may have seen while using the product. Please be patient and wait until it is finished before proceeding to use your Phase.

If you have any questions concerning your Phase, please visit our support section or directly contact our product specialists at Don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts and comments in the section below, we will be happy to talk to you directly there!

11 thoughts on “Get to know Phase: LED Animations

  1. When are you going to stop using rca connection Reply

    When are you go to drop the rca

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hey Dynamice – Thank you for the comment, but we do not have a definitive date just yet. We are all working hard remotely during the current global crisis and are making sure to synchronize our efforts with the Serato team. We will keep all of our users update about this via our newsletter which you can subscribe to here: – Hope that helps!

  2. Dj G Cue Reply

    someone at your camp told me that by THIS SUMMER (2020) the no rca’s update will be ready. Now you’re saying you don’t know?

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hi G Cue – This Summer is still what we’re aiming for, but this is based on synchronizing our efforts with Serato. We want to assure that this release is handled correctly and although we are still aiming for Summer, we cannot guarantee an actual date as of yet. We will be providing updates on this as we move forward for the release via our newsletter! Thanks for comment. 🙂

  3. JD Reply

    The green led is blinking very fast all the time…
    What is the problem?

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hi there, thanks for reaching out! Perhaps you have activated the “Pause Mode”, which makes your Remote blink fast. Check out the article about it here:

      If the issue still persists after disabling the Pause Mode, please contact our product specialists so that they could assist you further: ✌️

  4. Andre L Moore Reply

    one of remotes has a multi colored or rainbow light instead of a blue light

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hey Andre! You can change the colors of your Remotes directly in the Phase Manager settings. ✌️

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