Get to know Phase: All battery questions answered by an engineer

In this new release of the series, it is time to explore the most frequent questions about the battery of Phase. For this task, the lead hardware engineer of the Phase team, Jean-Baptiste Fabre, answers Phase users’ most common questions about the battery. Additionally, he explains relevant facts about the product design to understand it better, become familiar with its technology, and to learn more about good practices and the proper care of Phase. Let’s begin!

Jean-Baptiste Fabre, head engineer of hardware

What kind of battery do the Remotes have and how do they work?

Jean-Baptiste: The Phase Remotes have a built-in Lithium-ion battery which is the top solution in batteries in the technology industry nowadays. This is why they can be found in most electronics, such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Like all batteries, they work due to a chemical reaction which leads to the particles inside them to produce energy. Lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable, very reliable, and safe to use in electronic devices. 

Why did you choose this technology?

JB: Top quality and duration were the key concepts when conceiving Phase. Lithium-ion batteries were the right solution since they provide the most reliable technology possible and for Phase, we are using the top-quality batteries available in the market. 

Lithium-ion batteries are widely accessible, easy to integrate into the product, and offer a great lifetime, since they can last for years with proper use and care.

The size was also a determinant when choosing this technology since these batteries allow customizable measures. For the Phase Remotes, we needed a small and light battery that could store a big amount of energy. We worked extensively on different prototypes to find the right balance between a comfortable Remote size and many hours of performance.

How does battery work in the Phase Remotes? How long does the battery last?

JB: The battery consumption of the Remotes is directly related to their radio communication since the more powerful the radio signal needs to be, the more battery power is required. The environment in which you use Phase is a key factor since “noisy” environments (in terms of radio signals) demand a stronger radio communication to guarantee stability. Last but not least, the Firmware version you have installed is crucial. For example, the Firmware V4 update represented an important enhancement to the battery duration. 

Understanding all of this will help you get to know better the behavior of your battery. We have had tests and users’ reports of a battery duration of 11 or even 12 hours, however, the average is 10 hours, so as you can see, it varies.

What is the best practice to charge the Remotes properly?

JB: The first important thing is to ensure you have updated your Phase to the latest Firmware version. You can charge a Phase to a wall outlet, with a laptop or with a USB hub as long as the power is 5 Volt. The normal charge time is two hours and the LED animation of the Remotes will indicate the process is completed. 

Besides this, avoid discharging the Remotes completely and then storing them or not charging them again for a long time since this practice can affect the battery. Constantly charging the Remotes, won’t damage their batteries.

Why did some batteries get swollen? Is this dangerous?

JB: This is something that can happen to all devices that have this type of battery. It doesn’t have to do with the quality of the product but with many different factors, such as transportation, storage, and manufacturing processes. Lithium-ion batteries are a relatively new technology that still can be improved with time, but as I mentioned, it is highly reliable already. 

Additionally, with the rest of the engineering team, we have added extra layers of security to optimize the battery lifetime and performance with every Firmware update and with the battery configuration that users can access on Phase Manager. Besides this, our team has made sure to run extra safety tests with the manufacturer.

A swollen battery is not something dangerous, however, if you experience this problem with one of your Remotes, stop using the product and contact our support team. We will provide you a fast service (with a reply within 48 hours) and all the expenses related to returning the product or product replacements will be covered by us.

What is the battery lifetime of the Remotes? Is it possible to change the batteries at any point?

JB: A device with a lithium-ion battery can last for years with proper care. The duration of the Remotes’ batteries will depend on factors such as use and storage conditions, and if these are normal, the product can last a long time. 

Since the Remotes have a built-in battery, we highly advise you not to replace them yourself since this can damage your product, and exempt you from the warranty.

If your Phase is presenting battery problems related to manufacturing flaws within 2 years, contact us at to get assistance within 48 hours. It will cover any issues and shipment costs, whether it requires a repair or a product replacement. 

After this period, if you have any battery problems or if you want to change the batteries of your Remotes, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team. We will work on a case by case basis, and after an evaluation, I’m sure we will be able to provide the best solution for you.


Is there a difference
between charging a Phase Receiver with a wall outlet or a laptop? 
→ No, you can charge your Phase by plugging it to a wall outlet, your laptop or USB hub (5 volt). To ensure proper charge, make sure your product is updated to the latest Firmware version.
Is there anything I can do that could damage the batteries of the Remotes? → Draining the battery completely and then storing your Phase for a long time can hurt the battery since Phase is meant to be used regularly.
Do high or low temperatures affect or damage the batteries? → Our factory tests confirmed the batteries of the Remotes are completely safe to use in temperatures between -10 to 60 degrees Celsius (14 – 140 °F). 
Can I bring my Phase on a plane?→ Yes, of course. Just as you can bring your iPhone or a tablet to the cabin on a flight, it is safe to bring your Phase with you.  
Will I be able to replace the battery of the Remotes myself?  → Please don’t try to do it yourself. It can damage the product and exempt you from the warranty. Contact our support team if you have any issues concerning your Phase. 

We hope these questions were able to clarify your doubts. As you were able to read, understanding the battery behavior of Phase is important for you to have a great user experience and to give your product the best great care. Be certain that Phase counts with the best technology available in the market, but we’ll always be available to assist you at

Let us know in the comments if you have more questions about the battery or any thought you want to share with us! We’ll be replying to all of them. For more info about Phase, don’t forget to visit our website and support section.

6 thoughts on “Get to know Phase: All battery questions answered by an engineer

  1. Darryl S. Reply

    Hi. Why is one unit battery always drain faster than the other if both are used the same way or they can just be sitting unused? They are both fully charged and updated to the latest firmware?

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hey Darryl – To offer some insight for your situation, the Remotes constantly communicate with the Phase Receiver. This function represents a battery consumption of nearly 70% and explains why two Remotes’ batteries can drain at different paces, even if we have set everything in place to make this smooth and synched. Phase Remotes have lithium batteries that have a behavior that can vary widely, as is the case for smartphones (that is why two iPhones won’t necessarily charge at the same time). If they are sitting un-used, you can save battery by having them shut down while not in use. You can adjust your shutdown times in the MWM Connect app.

      Hope that helps! If you do have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can further evaluate your situation. Thanks again Darryl for the comment!

  2. dave Reply

    je voulais commande juste deux tellecomandes car mon boitier fonctionne correctement,

    merci de me donner la marche a suivre pour commander


    • Phase Team Reply

      Hello Dave,
      Si je comprends bien, vous souhaitez acheter deux Remotes à l’unité c’est bien cela ?
      Pour le moment il n’est pas possible d’acheter des Remotes à l’unité, nous sommes en train de travailler là-dessus avec notre constructeur afin d’être prêts pour la rentrée prochaine mais nous vous tiendrons au courant via nos réseaux sociaux et notre newsletter.
      Tous nos produits disponibles sont en ligne sur notre shop
      N’hésitez pas si vous avez la moindre question, nous sommes là pour vous aider !

  3. Josh Reply

    My phase remotes won’t turn on anymore. I charged them all night. Is it possible that I over charged them ?

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hey Josh! Thanks for reaching out. It is unlikely that you have overcharged Phase Remotes, as once they’re fully charged, they automatically stop receiving additional charging. In order to find out what caused this, please reach out to our product specialists so that they’ll be able to assist you and give a precise answer on what to do:

      Do let me know if you have any other questions! ✌️

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