Phase tutorial: Getting started with Phase

If you are considering getting Phase or if you have recently purchased one, check out this tutorial where we unbox and set up a Phase unit. After watching, you’ll know exactly what you will get and the first steps to follow once you receive your product.

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Unboxing and contents

Upon opening the box, you’ll see that the contents include one Phase Receiver and two Remotes (four Remotes, if you’ve got the Ultimate pack). When you lift the tab underneath, there is a pocket that includes a Quick Start Guide, stickers and four magnetic strips. You will also find one MWM USB wire, and two MWM RCA cables at the bottom.

Charging Phase

Before setting up your Phase, make sure you charge it, since the battery of your Phase doesn’t come fully charged out the box. The charging process can take up to two hours. To charge your product, plug the Phase Receiver via USB to a power source, such as your laptop or a wall outlet (as long as they are 5V). 

As a reminder, depending on the firmware version of your Phase, we do not recommend plugging via USB directly into the mixer. This could damage your Phase if it is running on an older firmware version, so please avoid doing so.

You’ll know your Phase is on and connected when the LEDs on the Receiver and Remotes begin to flash.

Sign into Phase Manager

After unboxing your Phase, you will need to download the latest version of Phase Manager. After connecting your Phase via USB to your laptop, you’ll be prompted to sign into your MWM account, and if you don’t have one, you will need to create it.

Once logged in, Phase Manager will detect your new Phase. There you can give your Phase the name you prefer and pick the DVS software you’ll be using. It’s important to note that linking your Phase account to Phase Manager will allow us to offer you a better support on the back end, should you need it at any time.

Updating your Phase

The next important step is for you to update your Phase to the latest firmware version available. This will guarantee the best possible performance of your product. whenever an update is available, the Phase Manager app will indicate it on the red button in the main view. Go to the Update Center, begin the updating process and follow all the steps displayed on the screen until you have successfully completed it. For more information, you can watch the “How to update your Phase” tutorial.

Setting up Phase and your mixer

For Phase to work, it will need to be plugged into a DVS integrated mixer or an external sound card, as Phase doesn’t work with simple analog mixers. Plug your Phase Receiver via RCA to the line inputs of the mixer (Phase won’t work while plugged to Phono). The turntables RCAs do not need to be plugged into the mixer for you to use Phase.

Preparing your records and Remotes

To set up your records, reach for the envelope with the Magnetic Stickers. The Phase Magnetic Stickers give the Remotes extra reinforcement and stability on the vinyl. Be mindful of placement since they are not reusable. You can get additional Phase Magnetic Stickers on our website if you need extra. When this step is done, you can begin calibrating your Remotes. 

To calibrate them, remove the Remotes from the Phase Receiver and wait until their LEDs are still. Once the calibration is completed, you can place the Remotes back on the Phase Magnetic Stickers on top of your records.

Configuring the DJ software

Now, you can start configuring your DJ software for Phase. Remember that Phase is compatible with most DJ software available such as Serato, Traktor, Rekordbox, and Virtual DJ, amongst others. To assure your Phase will work properly, make sure you have a perfect circle in your settings for optimal performance, and that you’ve chosen “relative” mode instead of “internal”. If you have followed all steps correctly, you should be now set and ready to start enjoying your brand new Phase!

If you have received your Phase recently, tell us about the unboxing and setting up process in the comments. We always enjoy hearing from you! Also, don’t forget to check our tutorials “Phase Features” and “How to update my Phase” for additional information.

Remember that if you have any questions concerning your Phase unit, you can visit our support section or contact our product specialists directly at

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      Hey Gareth! You can use one Phase Remote on your turntable, while the other is in the Phase Receiver, there is absolutely no problem using them one by one! Let me know if it answers your question. 🙂

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