The Phase experience: DJ Emii

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“Phase has helped me achieve clean sets”

In this interview of the series “The Phase experience” is starring DJ Emii, one of the best-known female DJs in the French scene and champion of the Red Bull 3Style France 2017. Emii talks about her process of getting to know Phase and incorporating this new technology into her sets, as one of the first DJs who has owned the product since its very release.

“I have Phase since it was released. At the start, I was a little doubtful, because Phase was a new product […] Then I tried it and honestly, I have no complaints about it!”

The French DJ also explains how Phase has helped her improve her performances, particularly during music festivals and big events. Emii explains how Phase guarantees her a seamless signal quality and stability even with vibrations, dust, movements, or in any other situation.

“I play at many festivals, especially House music with strong bass, so it has saved my life because I have no more issues with jumping needles due to vibration. It has considerably helped me to achieve clean sets.

From everyone at the Phase team, we want to thank DJ Emii for her support during our journey and the trust she has in our product. We’d love to keep seeing her create and share her music to the world with Phase.

Do you follow DJ Emii already? Are you familiar with her music? Leave your thoughts in the comments and we will be happy to talk to you there! Also, don’t forget to check the first video about the Phase experience starring Mystykal Kut, in case you haven’t seen it.

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