The Phase experience: ESKEI83

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“Phase changed a lot for me performance-wise: I feel more secure when DJing”

In this new video of the “The Phase experience” series, ESKEI83 talks about how Phase has helped him step up his DJing game since its release, and how the product has helped him take his energetic sets and performances to the next level. ESKEI83 highlights the stability and the comfort Phase provides him, no matter the conditions he’s playing in.

I feel more secure with this technology. I have no problems with vibrating tables and skipping needles. I like to climb on the desk and go crazy with my crowd. I have never felt so comfortable DJing.”

The German-based DJ also mentions the evolution of his career adapting to new technologies, and how he’s always open to innovation in order to improve his performances. ESKEI83 emphasizes how Phase has been a positive addition to his equipment, as one of the DJs who has witnessed the evolution of Phase since it was launched.

“I’m a big nerd when it comes to new technology. If there is something like Phase and it makes my performance better I would use it! I started on real vinyl with no computer, Serato was the next step, and now Phase is the future.”

Many thanks to ESKEI83 for this exclusive interview, and for his support since the very beginning. Don’t forget to follow ESKEI83 on Instagram and leave your thoughts here in the comments about your own “Phase experience”!

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