Phase keeps evolving: One of the most complete firmware versions since launching is now available!

We are pleased to announce the release of a new Firmware (version 5)

This update represents the biggest one done to date, with over 70 listed items including new and improved features, reworked systems, and debugging, to name a few. We have focused on the radio communication and the Remotes’ functionalities to deliver more stability at all times. 

This update will also prepare your Phase for the future Phase x Serato integration. 

Get the new firmware version by downloading our new configuration software, Phase Manager, launch it and update your Phase! We have released Phase Manager parallel to this firmware update to take the Phase experience even further. If you have questions on how to update, check this video tutorial contact us directly at

Here’s what’s new:

1. An extensive rework of the radio communication protocol:

Providing a reliable and robust radio communication protocol is one of the top priorities for the Phase team as it represents one of our biggest challenges in product development. To always meet the expected quality and stability of our users, we constantly need to add improvements to our radio communication protocol in order for it to evolve. As our range for improvement on this feature is almost unlimited, for this firmware we decided to totally rework the radio communication between the Remotes and Receiver to ensure a stronger signal, and to maintain a seamless experience while using Phase regardless of the environment. 

2. A new Remote shutdown feature: 

After several users’ inquiries regarding the Remotes’ shutdown, now the Remotes will turn off immediately when they are placed in the Receiver decks and this gets disconnected. Instead of the previous 1 minute timer, you can now simply place your Remotes in the Receiver and unplug it for an immediate Remote shutdown. 

3. More stable pairing and Remote detection systems

These improvements guarantee fast data processing between the Receiver and the Remotes, help to solve the occasional issue of unrecognized Remotes and provide a more accurate connection status of the Remotes in real-time. 

4. A more reliable calibration process: 

We have applied a new process to fix issues with Remotes undergoing calibration randomly both within the Receiver or while being used. This will help us guarantee a more reliable performance.

5. Resolution of minor issues and bugs:

This firmware update also allowed us to fix minor bugs and issues occasionally experienced by users such as unresponsive Remotes and problems with Phase detection when connected via USB, which have been taken care of. 

Preparing the field for the Phase x Serato integration

This firmware update represents an important first step in technical terms to prepare Phase for the future Phase x Serato collaboration by adding custom coding that will facilitate the integration once it is released later this year. 
(Stay tuned on the Phase x Serato integration)

If you wish to know more technical details about this new firmware version, here is the entire detailed list of the changes, new features and improvements added in this update.

Upgrade now by downloading Phase Manager directly from our website. If you have any questions regarding Phase Manager or the updating process, don’t hesitate to check the video tutorial “How to update” or to contact our product specialists directly at

Thanks for your constant support and your sincere feedback which we have closely listened to achieve this firmware version and reach a new milestone. Let us know your experience and feedback in the comment section below! 

13 thoughts on “Phase keeps evolving: One of the most complete firmware versions since launching is now available!

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  2. Marco Balk Reply

    Phase Manager Software just keeps crashing when i open it and connect my Phase

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hey Marco – We’re happy to help. Please contact us at so we can help you directly. Every case is different so we want to make sure we offer the best support possible. Thanks!

  3. Mark Muniz Reply

    Same here… I was updating it and in the last step it failed and it send me to contact support, it did not give me a choice to retry, when i try to open the new manager again it says that my phase is not connected when it is. I unplugged everything and connected it back and after awhile it connected saying i am up to date( V5.0), I dont understand why did it fail and now it says i am up to date, is this normal?

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hey Mark – thanks for the comment and we’re glad you were able to work it out! Let me discuss this with our Product Specialist and they’ll reply shortly. 🙂

  4. Phase Team Reply

    Hi Timi – We’re happy to help. In order to update Phase, you do need to make sure you are connected to the internet. In any case, every situation is different. In order to offer the best support possible can you contact us at Thanks in advance!

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    • Phase Team Reply

      Hey man, we’re sorry to hear that!

      Our product specialists can definitely help you out. Please submit your issue via this link, and they will reply to you in less than 48 hours!

  6. Earnest Mazique Reply

    It’s cool that firmware 5 prepared Phase units for the Serato HID integration. Any updates on when that integration might happen?

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hey man, thanks for your kind words!

      The integration is currently in the private beta testing, meaning it is in its final stages and coming soon! We don’t have a specific date yet, as we want to receive the best feedback from the testings before moving any further.

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