Introducing Phase Manager, the new configuration software for Phase.

We are happy to announce the release of the new configuration software “Phase Manager”.

As Phase has evolved with the latest firmware update, so must do its configuration software to ensure the best product experience since the moment users plug Phase for the first time. This is why Phase Manager has a new structure, a new interface design, and added features and functionalities that translate into more customization options for Phase users. 

Keep reading to discover more about Phase Manager. 👇

More than just configuration settings: Phase Manager provides real-time information about your device.

Besides configuring and customizing the product, Phase Manager also provides users with real-time information about their device, so they understand the product performance in a better way. Users will be able to see immediate product behavior, such as Remotes’ battery percentage and connection status in the software dashboard.

Phase Manager offers a new and simpler updating process for Phase.

With Phase Manager, users can enjoy a modified and simpler updating process. This is an important change considering the release of the firmware version 5 together with this new software. 

Now, all Phase elements are updated automatically at once in just a few minutes.

To learn more about updating your Phase, don’t miss this step-by-step guided tutorial.

Downloading and updating Phase Manager will be much easier.

Phase Manager is available as a cross-platform, which represents an important improvement as it will allow us to send updates and improvements to users in real-time. As a cross-platform, Phase Manager will be available for macOS, and it will particularly facilitate the process for Windows users since it is no longer required to re-download the app with every firmware update in the Windows Store.

An elevate software in terms of connectivity and accessibility.

With Phase manager, users can enjoy enhanced connectivity, as we have solved minor USB connectivity bugs. Phase Manager is also available in three languages: English, French, and Spanish, as requested by many of our users. 

If you wish to use Phase Manager in another language, make sure to send us a message directly at to let us know!

Thanks again to all our users for their support and feedback, without it this release wouldn’t have been possible! You can download the new Phase Manager here

Have you tried Phase Manager already? Let us know your experience with it down in the comment section. If you haven’t downloaded it, get it now and make sure your Phase is up to date! 

If you have any questions about your Phase, don’t hesitate to visit our support section or to contact our product specialists directly at

24 thoughts on “Introducing Phase Manager, the new configuration software for Phase.

  1. arnaud mondin Reply

    carrément instable
    micro coupure signal comme si l’anciennement fix timecode issue était enclenché

    • Phase Team Post authorReply

      Hello Arnaud,

      En effet, la feature “Fix timecode issue” est maintenant directement intégrée dans le firmware de Phase.
      Si votre signal sur les settings de Serato fait la même animation que ci-dessous, cela signifie que les informations sont correctements envoyées à Serato et que votre signal est stable.
      Si jamais vous avez un autre problème n’hésitez pas à contacter notre équipe de product specialists à 🙂

      Serato signal

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hey Mathias! This isn’t the HID update but it is a very important step to prepare for it. In order to update you will need to use Phase Manager. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Thanks!

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hey Alex! Thanks for the comments and apologies, that was a mistake on our end. We’ve corrected it.

  2. Anthony Barriffe Reply

    Hi I speak englist I’m not sure what Arnaud in the comments is saying but I have the same issue with my circle skipping. Is this normal or can someone help with this.

    DJ Tony Blaze

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hey Anthony, Arnaud was talking about the “Fix timecode” feature. I was telling him that now it is directly included in the new firmware version. This is why the Serato signal is doing this animation. It means information is being properly sent to Serato and the signal is stable. If your signal is behaving the same way, it means everything is working fine.
      If you are experiencing an issue, you should get in touch with our product specialists at, since each situation is different. Cheers!

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hey Kevin! There are several ways to turn it off, but ultimately you can remove the USB wire from a power source and the Remotes will turn off within 10 minutes or less. You can adjust the shut down time in the app as well! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate contact us at

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hey Richard! The HID update is underway and still being developed alongside the Serato team. This update is an important step to take prior to the Serato x Phase update so we encourage you to update your Phase and download Phase Manager. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hey Fernando, yes. Please feel free to delete the old one and continue with Phase Manager. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

  3. serkan Reply

    my both phase remotes seems not to connect with the receiver anymore after the update 🙁

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hey Serkan – We’re happy to help. Please contact us at so we can discuss this directly with you. Every case is different so we want to make sure we offer you the best support possible!

  4. CASU Reply

    bonjour, la partie A est considérée comme “inconnu” depuis la MAJ. que préconisez-vous pour solutionner cela SVP ? le voyant clignote indéfiniment mais il n’est plus reconnu. l’équipement est récent, il a moins d’un mois. merci

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hello, nous sommes désolés d’apprendre que vous avez rencontré un problème durant l’installation de la mise à jour. Vous pouvez essayer de re-connecter vos Remotes à votre Receiver, pour cela placez vos Remotes dans votre Receiver et appuyez longuement sur chaque bouton (A/B). Je vous conseille vivement de contacter notre équipe au support client, qui sera plus à même de vous offrir une aide personnalisée et adaptée à votre cas ( N’hésitez pas si vous avez d’autres questions et merci pour votre soutien ! 🙂

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hello ! Il se peut qu’après avoir procédé à la mise à jour de votre produit vos Remotes ne soient plus connectées au Receiver. Pour cela placez vos Remotes dans votre Receiver et appuyez longuement sur les boutons A/B l’un après l’autre. Si le problème persiste, le plus simple est d’entrer en contact avec notre équipe de spécialistes en envoyant un mail à Comme chaque cas est différent, ils seront plus à même de vous proposer une solution personalisée. N’hésitez pas si vous avez d’autres questions au sujet de la mise à jour 🙂

  5. vaut Reply

    bonjour a tous les utilisateurs et à toutes les personnes ayant travaillés sur le système depuis le début, ce que je ne comprends pas et qui est le cas pour plein d’autres produits , ce sont les différences d’avis.
    une partie des commentaires sollicites des produits défectueux, quand tous les autres trouvent se produit formidable.
    perso je fais parti des personnes comblées par ce produit et d’autant plus par le professionnalisme développé par MWM.
    encore bravo ma seul question se pause sur l’ancienne configuration faut t’il conserver MWM Connect ?

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hey, Merci beaucoup pour le soutien ! Toute l’équipe fait le maximum ici, pour assurer à chaque utilisateur une expérience optimale avec Phase !
      Pour répondre à votre question, vous pouvez maintenant supprimer MWM Connect de votre ordinateur.
      A partir de maintenant, Phase Manager sera le seul logiciel de configuration dédié à Phase et vous serez notifié directement dans le logiciel lorsque des mises à jour sont disponibles, plus besoin de télécharger le logiciel à nouveau. 🙂
      N’hésitez pas si vous avez la moindre question. Merci encore!

  6. Phase Team Reply

    Hi Jose, we’re happy to help! Every situation is different and in order to give you the best support possible, we ask that you contact us at We’ll be happy to help resolve your issue there. 🙂

  7. Tim Starr Reply

    Hi Guys.
    Is there a short and simple Way to change the Pitch Scale to +-16 or even +-50..?
    Cheers Tim

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hey Tim, thanks for reaching out! Are you properly proceeding with a manual calibration of your Remotes before using? If not, that can come from there. I advise you to check the Phase Manager’s settings “Calibration” tab and follow the instructions. If it persists, please contact our specialists via this form: ✌️

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