Phase tutorial: How to update your device with Phase Manager

Updating your Phase to the latest firmware version available is highly important. It allows you to access new features and improvements that we are constantly adding, to guarantee you the best product performance you can get. If you have recently purchased a Phase or if you have some doubts on how to update your device, check out this tutorial. We will guide you step by step on the updating process in our configuration software, Phase Manager. If you need additional help, please contact us at

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Downloading and accessing Phase Manager

The first step to update your Phase is to access Phase Manager. 

If you don’t have the configuration software yet, you can download it directly on our website. Both versions for Windows and macOS are the same.

Once you have the app, open it, and log in to your MWM account. After login, connect your Phase to your computer by plugging the Phase Receiver via USB. 

Onboarding on the Phase Manager interface

Once your Phase has been connected and recognized, you should have access to the main view of Phase Manager where you should see the current firmware version of your Phase.

Whenever an update is available, a red button will indicate this on the main view.

If your Phase is running on an old firmware version, Phase Manager will ask you to directly proceed to the update before accessing the main view. In this case, all steps to complete the update will be shown and explained, so make sure to follow them thoroughly.

In the rest of the cases, users will normally have access to the main view. If this applies to you, proceed to click on “Update my Phase” to enter the Update Center.

Navigating the Update Center and completing the update

Before you start the updating process, don’t forget to place your Remotes on the Receiver decks to make sure all the elements will be updated.

On the left column of the Update Center, you should see which Phase elements require to be updated. It can be either the Receiver, the Remotes, or all the elements of your Phase.

Start the process and follow the indicated steps. Please wait until the update has successfully concluded, as the process can take a few minutes sometimes.

The updating process will be launched automatically for every element of your Phase that needs to be updated. You don’t need to do anything, simply wait for the process to be completed and leave the Remotes in the decks during the entire time.

If for any reason the updating process fails, click on the “Retry” button until it successfully concludes.

Once the update is completed, you will notice that the status of your product has changed on the left column. This visual cue allows you to verify that all the elements are correctly up to date now. Besides this, if you have more than two Remotes, you can place each of them in the Phase Receiver and the system will automatically detect and indicate if an update is required.

Calibrating your Remotes as a final step

If you have completed an update on your Remotes, the last step to finish the process is to calibrate them.

Remove the Remotes out of the Phase Receiver and wait until the LEDs are filled. The full LEDs indicate that your Remotes are correctly up to date, calibrated, and ready to use!

Now your Phase is updated and ready to be used. Enjoy!

If you have any questions please visit our website, support section, or contact us directly at

Let us know your thoughts about the new Phase Manager software in the comments. Your feedback is really important to us. Thanks and see you next time!

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    Great Product and great steps forward in software build and updating process !!

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      Hey Howard –
      Thank you for the kind words and we look forward to taking more steps into the future with everyone!

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