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As we introduced it a few weeks earlier, Phase manager is the new dedicated configuration software for Phase that allows you to configure and monitor your Phase, and also access the latest updates and features available. In this new video tutorial, we’ll review its most important features and I will give you the tips for you to discover all that this software has to offer. 

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Getting started with Phase Manager

After downloading the software directly from our website, you can proceed to log in to your MWM account. If you have just created your account or reset your password, make sure to check all your inbox time and the spam folders, as the confirmation email to validate your account might land there.

After login into your account, connect your Phase to your computer by plugging the Receiver via USB.  You’ll notice that the connecting LED at the back of the Receiver sometimes blinks. This is normal, and it means that the Receiver is sending or receiving information from the laptop.

On the main view, you should notice that your Phase is well connected and recognized by Phase Manager. There, you can find a quick overview of your product information, such as the installed firmware version of your Receiver and your Remotes.

Whenever an update is available, a red button will indicate it on the main view and guide you to the Update Center. Check out our video tutorial about updating Phase to know more about the process.

In the top right corner of the main view, you will find additional information in the header such as blog articles, newsletter subscription, and troubleshoot access should you need it at any point.

Checking real time information of your Phase

One key aspect of the main view in Phase Manager is that it displays real-time information about your product. For example, you can know when a Remote is charging and linked to the Receiver.

The Remote cards on the main view will display the status of each Remote. You can click on the info icon next to each status to learn more about them. Here are what the status indicate:

  1. If you have linked your Remotes by using the A/B buttons, you will see the “LINKED” status. 
  2. If the status says “UNLINKED“, it means that the Remote is not connected to the Receiver and cannot communicate with it, however it can still charge. 
  3. The “NOT FOUND” status means that the Remote is not detected by the Receiver and is neither charging nor communicating with it.

Navigating the Settings

Another important section of Phase Manager is the settings. By clicking on the tab you can access different sections to complete your Phase configuration such as the setup configuration where you can select your preferred DJ software, or the color picker, where you can customize the LED colors of your Phase.

In the other settings tabs you will also find advanced features such as the reset function and the Remote shutdown. 

Resetting your Phase will reestablish the default settings. This action is only advised in some specific troubleshooting situation supervised by our Support team.

You will also find other custom tools that are addressed to advanced users and will evolve with time depending on the needs of performers.

Lastly, the section called “About this Phase” will let you register your Phase to your MWM account and give it a proper name. Don’t forget to click on “save” each time you modify your settings before returning back to the main view.

Manual Calibration

You can also access an important feature: the manual calibration. When you take the Remotes out of the Receiver they will automatically start a process of auto-calibration.

This can take a few seconds and is necessary to calibrate the sensors within the Remotes.

In some cases, it can happen that the sensors aren’t properly calibrated and that you notice a difference of speed in your DJ software between the Remotes and the turntables. If that happens, proceed to do a manual calibration of the Remotes. This will ensure the Remotes’ speed is the same as the turntables.

To do so, take the Remotes out of the Receiver, place them on your spinning turntables at a proper +/- 0 pitch, and follow the indicated steps.

If you have any questions please visit our website, support section, or contact us directly at

Let us know your thoughts about the new Phase Manager software in the comments. Your feedback is really important to us. Thanks and see you next time!

6 thoughts on “Get to Know Phase Manager

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hey there! There is absolutely no problem with plugging in your Phase to the back of your mixer when in use. However, if you want to charge your Remotes properly, we recommend using a power outlet or a computer, as sometimes, mixers might not send enough power for the Remotes to be properly charged. ✌️

  1. Jean-Philippe Golias Reply

    Je voudrais me connecter un mon phase
    comment je peut faire

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hello Jean-Philippe, afin que nous puissions regarder ça plus en détails ensemble, je te propose de contacter notre équipe de product specialists ici:
      Ils vont pouvoir regarder en détails ton setup pour t’aider à connecter ton Phase 🙂

    • Phase Team Reply

      Hi there Aaron, thanks for sending over the message! Could you please message our product specialists directly, so they could see what might be causing this: ✌️

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