New color feature: customize the LEDs of your Remotes with your favorite colors!

Although much of our resources are focused on the Serato integration, we’re excited to share a brand new color feature available now for all our Phase users!

Pick your colors. Choose your style.

With the new color options, you are now able to customize your Remotes with multicolor gradient LEDs.
Represent your mood, favorite colorways, or match your live stream style!

1. Phase Manager auto-update.
To access these new customization options, simply open Phase Manager.
On the home page, a banner will inform you that Phase Manager has been updated.
If not, you will be asked to close Phase Manager and relaunch the app so that the update can automatically be installed.

2. Customization of the LEDs of your Remotes.
Now that the new version of Phase Manager (2.1.4) has been successfully installed, you can access the new options in the settings’ color tab.

Now you can enjoy new LEDs color options and customize your Phase with unique styles!

Share your best pictures on social media with the #phasedj and tag us to let us know which colors are your favorite!

Click here to download Phase Manager.
And check our website if you want to know more about Phase!

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