Welcome to our weekly battle “The Phase DJ Games”

Challenge yourself every week

To gather and support the whole DJ community, social distancing style, we’re inviting all the turntable DJs to join the competition and have a chance to cop weekly cash prizes of up to $300!

1 Week.

1 Theme.

1 Minute.

Start warming up your turntables, cause it’s gonna be 🔥

How to Enter

The rules are fairly simple – all you have to do is: 

The first challenge is coming up on Monday, October 12th!
Are you ready to battle?

“Your Best Transition”

For your 1-minute challenge, we want to hear your most memorable transition—the one that makes your fans go nuts. You can mix as many tracks as you want, in any genre and use any of your favorite DJ tricks, that’s your signature!

The most important thing is to have that epic transition that will drive us crazy. 💥

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“6 Tracks in 60 Seconds”

We’re spicing up this week’s challenge: make a quick mix, including 6 tracks in 60 seconds. Take our breath away with your best flips, transitions, and song selections. All music styles are welcome, so choose wisely! Are you ready? 

Combine the 6 tracks like a pro that you are and become this week’s champion. 🏆 

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“Your Spookiest Halloween Set”

This week, we’re challenging you to create the “Spookiest Halloween” quick mix! Let your imagination run wild!

For this special challenge, creativity is the #1 rule: the judging team will pay specific attention to your originality and musicality, rather than technicality. May the most original mix win!

If you need some inspiration, we made a little Halloween playlist to start your creativity flowing. 🎃

“Combine 3 styles in 60 seconds”

We heard your requests: this week, we wanna hear your most energizing 3 styles quick mix. The main point of it is to combine only 3 different genres in one set.

Impress us with the fusion of styles we would never expect to go along together.
You can use as many songs as you like, as long as we can identify the three different styles. 

“Special Playlist Imposed by Beatsource”

This week, Beatsource takes the wheel of the DJ Games ship!
For this particular challenge, they have created a special playlist for you to make a 1-min routine: from Hendrix’s guitar riffs to simply Jagger’s glamour—this week it’s all about the classic rock! Are you ready to party? 🎸

All you have to do is:
Check the playlist ,
– Pick minimum 3 songs from the list to enter the game, otherwise, your entry won’t be taken into account,
– Share your 1-minute routine,
– Win that prize like a Rockstar that you are. 🤘

Or if you’re using vinyl or already have the tracks from the list—you can also enter with the respective 3 songs.

Weekly challenges will be posted each monday. 

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Conditions of participation


DJs are allowed to enter the competition every week, even if you're the winner of the previous challenge.


You can use any kind of turntable setup (turntables + mixers) for your performance.


All DVS systems (Phase, standard timecode) or standard vinyl are authorized, as well as motorized controllers. As the DJ Games is a turntable competition, jog wheel midi controllers or CDJs are not authorized.


Every week, we’re gathering a team of judges, consisting of the members of the Phase team, as well as special guests, who are experts of the particular challenge.

Performance will be judged according to:






The winners of each week will receive a cash prize from the Phase Team, as well as various and exclusive gifts provided by our partners.

1st Place: $300

2nd place: $150

3rd place: $50

The winners of the DJ Games will be shared on the Phase socials.

Get Ready!

The first “Theme of the Week” will be launched on Monday, Oct 12th.

And check our website if you want to know more about Phase!

8 thoughts on “Welcome to our weekly battle “The Phase DJ Games”

    • Phase Team Post authorReply

      Hey there,

      All DVS systems (Phase, standard timecode) or standard vinyl are authorized, as well as motorized controllers, Phase is not a requirement to join the game!

  1. Artimuz Reply

    Does the competition only allow 6 songs for the 1 minute mix?
    Can we use more than 6 songs?

    • Phase Team Post authorReply

      Hey there!

      For Challenge #2 “6 Songs in 60 Seconds”, we expect you to use at least 6 songs in 60 seconds – if you feel like adding more, please do!

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