Put away your RCA cables!

We’ve teamed up with Serato to elevate your Phase experience to the next level: today, Phase becomes an Official Serato Accessory.

Thanks to a powerful HID protocol, Phase is now fully integrated with Serato DJ Pro, offering an even more accurate, reliable, and most importantly, direct connection without intermediate RCA communication.

To enter the Public Beta, you need to own a Phase and use Serato DJ Pro

How to Access and Setup

1. Click here to access the Serato forum beta space, and log in with your Serato account.

There, download the beta versions of Serato DJ Pro and Phase Manager 2.1.16


3. Update your Phase to Firmware 6 (beta)

4. Set up your Phase with Serato DJ Pro Beta: open Serato DJ Pro and simply connect your Receiver to your laptop via USB.

5. In Serato DJ Pro, select the deck control mode “WIR”: this is the dedicated control mode for Phase to be used via HID, standing for “wireless”.

Place your Remotes on top of your records, and as usual, wait a few seconds for the calibration to be done. 

You’re ready to go!

  • Additional Setup Tips:
    You can also run a Manual calibration via Phase Manager to ensure your Remotes are spinning exactly at the right speed. To do so, check out the Phase Manager settings.

Main Features

Plug n’Play:

From now on, Phase can be used without the need for RCA cables. Simply connect the Phase Receiver to your laptop via USB, and that’s it: Phase now communicates directly with Serato DJ Pro via HID.
Enjoy this instant setup: only one step away to set up for your performance.

Improved Performance:

Using a powerful HID protocol, the communication between Phase and Serato DJ Pro is now twice faster, reducing latency even more. A 100% digital communication that offers you better accuracy and foolproof stability. Digital control has never been so close to using real records!

Custom-designed Features:

When connected to your laptop, Phase is now automatically detected by Serato DJ Pro, offering new dedicated features to enhance your experience with the USB integration.

  • New wireless deck mode: A brand-new Wireless (WIR) Serato DJ Pro mode, uniquely designed to perform with Phase. Select “WIR” in the drop-down menu to control your tracks.
  • Remotes battery level displayed: You can now monitor the level of the battery of your Remotes directly on Serato DJ Pro, just at a simple glance.
  • Emergency internal switch: in case your Remotes are running out of battery (4%),  Serato DJ Pro automatically switches from WIR to INT mode to ensure the continuity of your performance.
  • Custom-designed LED animations: The Remotes now indicate by blinking when a track is loaded, or when a track comes to the end 20 sec before the end of it (with the “Track End warning” box checked in the Serato preferences).


Keep in mind that this is a public beta version, so if you have any questions or encounter any issues, it’s important that you report it in the Serato dedicated forum.

Every feedback brings the integration closer to the official release!