Official update including the latest firmware and Serato DJ Pro USB Integration is available now!

Our most advanced firmware update is now available in Phase Manager! 
This newest firmware brings out many important improvements and new features to elevate Phase overall experience. Read down below what is included! 

What's New?


Cue Drift Optimization

  • The internal calibration process has been reworked to compensate for the temperature drift that can cause the Remote cue drift in some situations over time. 
  • A new automatic internal calibration system also turns on each time it detects that the internal sensors are not properly calibrated in order to enhance their accuracy.
  • The way data is transferred between the Remotes and the Receiver has been completely reviewed to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the information sent, in order to improve Phase precision performances.

 Reduction of the BPM fluctuations

Improvement of the precision of the sensors, especially during constant speed rotation, in order to reduce BPM fluctuations and ensure better accuracy.

 Rework of the Manual calibration feature

You can now run a manual calibration during your set, which doesn’t cut and stop the sound anymore. It is extremely important that the Remotes are calibrated correctly, thus our goal with this update was to ease this feature as much as possible.

Faster automatic calibration wake-up time when Remotes are taken out of the Receiver

The system of automatic calibration is now twice faster than before, to speed up the setup processes and improve the sensors’ accuracy. From now on, you can swiftly set up your Phase only with a few steps!

 Improvements on overall Phase stability: numerous optimizations have been added to improve stability and ease of use.

New Features

A new manual calibration: the Double-Tap feature (beta)

This new calibration system has been developed so that the calibration could be done on the go without the need of opening Phase Manager: simply double-tap on top of the Remote.

This feature can be activated in the Phase Manager settings, under the Calibration tab.

 Battery percentage displayed in Phase Manager

You can now access the battery percentage of your Remotes on Phase Manager while they are charging on the Receiver decks, which wasn’t an option before.

 LED Colors Management Improvement

You can now change the colors of your Remotes LED on Phase Manager, even if your Remotes are not in the Receiver.

Serato HID Integration

New USB communication via HID protocol:

Development of a new communication protocol between Phase and Serato DJ Pro built on an HID protocol, which allows Phase to communicate directly with Serato DJ Pro via USB, without the need for RCA cables. Phase just has to be connected to the laptop via USB to communicate with Serato DJ Pro.

Improvement of the accuracy and reduction of latency:

Thanks to this powerful HID protocol, the communication between Phase and Serato DJ Pro is now twice faster, reducing latency even more. A 100% digital communication that offers better accuracy and foolproof stability.

New dedicated features:

Full integration of Phase with Serato DJ Pro offers specially designed features, such as new Serato deck mode dedicated to the use of Phase in HID mode (Wireless mode), the display of the battery percentage of the Remotes within Serato, and custom-designed animations of your Remotes LEDs that now blink to indicate when the track is loaded, or when a track comes to the end (with the “Track End warning” mode activated in the Serato settings).

Fixed Issues

Remotes detection 

Resolution of the issue that was preventing the Receiver from properly detecting the Remotes, which enhances stability.

General bug fixes on the stability of the Remotes

Firmware 6 also tackles some minor bug issues on the global operation of the Remotes and the Receiver to improve the overall performance.

How to update

  1. Open and log in to Phase Manager with your MWM account and update to the latest version.
  2. Connect your Phase Receiver to your laptop via USB. 
  3. Click on “Update my Phase” and follow the instructions to proceed with the updates of your Receiver and your Remotes. Make sure your Remotes are placed in the decks of the Receiver.
  4. After the update, make sure your Remotes are properly linked to your Phase Receiver, by long-pressing the A/B setup buttons of the Receiver. 
  5. Place your Remotes on top of your records, and as usual, wait a few seconds for the calibration to be done. You’re good to go!

Don’t hesitate to check out our video tutorial on how to update your Phase and if you encounter any issues, please contact our product specialists.

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New to Phase?

Download Phase Manager to update and manage your Phase from your laptop! 

6 thoughts on “Official update including the latest firmware and Serato DJ Pro USB Integration is available now!

  1. Diego Reply

    good morning I have a phase that continues to lose bpm, in the sense that after 5 minutes it loses 5 bpm. What can I do ?????

    • Phase Team Post authorReply

      Hi Diego! This definitely shouldn’t be happening, could you please reach out to our product specialists so that they could give you a precise answer on what to do: ✌️


    I am New to Phase and I am using Virtual DJ 2021. How can I setup Phase with Virtual DJ 2021. Thanks

  3. Keith Reply

    Hi there,
    just opened up my phase and stated the installation, trying to do the updates and an error message keeps coming up saying “Oops! It seems that something went wrong… If the message appears several times in a row when clicking on “retry” quit phase Manager. Unplug the phase from your computer, plug it back, launch Phase Manager, then try to update again”. Did that and now the phase shows a pink color and still no update. Not sure what to do now.

    • Phase Team Post authorReply

      Hi Keith, thanks so much for your message!

      Could you please send a request to our product specialists for them to see what might be causing the problem? I’m sure we’ll be able to find an easy solution! 👉

      They usually reply within 24hrs between Mon-Fri!

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